Blocking Inventory from Updating to the Channel

There are scenarios where a warehouse may carry an item which maps to your channel, but you do not want to sell the particular item through the warehouse. This means:

  1. You do not want to account for inventory for from the warehouse
  2. You do not want to consider costs from this warehouse
  3. You do not want to route orders to this warehouse.

To apply this logic to your HubLogix account, you’ll use a Warehouse Inventory Filter.

Step 1: Identify what to filter

You can apply filters based on a variety of product characteristics. Most commonly user are SKU, MPN, UPC or Brand Name. Once you’ve identified how you will identify the types of items you want to filter, make sure you pull those item characteristics from theĀ warehouse inventory data. (ie – if using SKU, make sure you have the warehouse SKU, not the SKU from your channel.)

Step 2: Create the filter

When setting up filters, remember you are creating rules for things you do not want to update the channel with. For our example, let’s say we do not want to update inventory for any item where Brand equals Samsung.

Within your HubLogix account, you’ll go to Settings, select ‘by warehouse’ and choose ‘Inventory Filters.’

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.17.27 PM

Inventory filters are created on an individual warehouse basis, so make sure you first select the correct warehouse & click submit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.25.24 PM

From the Select One Action button, select to add a new Inventory Filter. You’ll see a pop-up window where you should add the following detail:

  • Filter Name: Name the filter so you can remember what it’s for
  • Field Name: select the field for the characteristic you’re filtering on, for example, Brand Name
  • Operator: tells the system how to evaluate the Field Name like equals or does not equal
  • Field Value: tells the system the exact value to look for, for example Samsung.
  • Field2 Name, Operator2 & Field2 Value: allows you to enter a second set of characteristics which will be applied with AND logic. So only inventory which meets both filters will apply.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.22.43 PM

Select Add Inventory Filter to apply your filter. On the next inventory update to the channel, all inventory for this warehouse will be omitted for updates.

If you have questions on how to create or edit inventory filters, please contact