Channel Integrations

HubLogix connects natively to BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, SureDone, and Magento. We will release support for Amazon in January 2017. Customers using custom ecommerce platforms can connect to HubLogix using our generic channel integration.

HubLogix refers to a warehouse containing customer controlled and managed inventory as an “owned warehouse”. We also use the Owned Warehouse for connecting with partners using FTP of SFTP protocols. This documentation sets forth the purposes for which this warehouse can be used and implemented with our platform.

Channel Capabilities

The following sets for the primary use cases that are supportable using HubLogix owned warehouse capability.

Channel Product Limit Product Filter Order Filter Variant Updates Cost Update Update Speed
BigCommerce 100,000 Attribute No Yes Yes 15 mins.
ChannelAdvisor 1,000,000 DC Code DC Code N/A Yes 15 mins.
Generic (Flat File) 250,000 N/A N/A No Yes 30 mins.
Shopify 100,000 Collection ID


Yes No 15-20 mins.
SureDone 500,000 Filter Yes No Yes 15 mins.
Magento 500,000 Attribute Attribute Yes Yes 15-20 mins.

Channel Capability Key

  • Product Limit: the maximum number of products that can be supported at the promised update speed.
  • Product Filter: the native service or option that enables HubLogix to determine which products we update
  • Order Filter: HubLogix will route one or more line items of a single order when we have mapped to that product. An order filter instructs HubLogix to route an order in a specific manner based on rules defined by our customer.
  • Variant updates: When indicated, HubLogix can update both products and variants. In some cases, we may only be able to do one or the other, but not both as is the case with Shopify.
  • Cost updates: HubLogix pushes cost updates to the channel when costs are updated when this option is available and active. Product costs can include freight or drop-shipment fees when specified.
  • Update speed: this is the normal speed at which HubLogix is able to route orders, update inventory levels and update shipment status.

Order Routing Capability:

  • Line item: HubLogix can route line items in one order to different vendors
  • Split routing: line items in an order can be split when all are not readily available in one warehouse
  • Geo-routing: HubLogix can route orders to the warehouse that is closest to the customer when the warehouse allows warehouse specific ordering.