Onboarding with HubLogix

Once you’ve completed your contract with HubLogix, the HubLogix Onboarding Team will be notified. One of our Onboarding Coaches should be reaching out to you within a few days to start the onboarding of your account. The general flow of onboarding will work something like this:

1) Initial Channel Setup. We’ll gather some information from you to connect your channel and set up some initial settings. This will give us the ability to update products you list in your channel, route the orders placed through your channel, and push tracking for those orders back to your channel to close out orders, when provided by the warehouse.

2) Initial Warehouse Setup. We’ll then collect information on your warehouse. This will be completed through a different email thread with a subject line specific to the warehouse so we can keep communications separate for all warehouses and close out tasks as they are completed. This also helps all parties keep track of the progress of the warehouse set up.

3) Establish Order Flow with First Warehouse and Training. We typically onboard a single warehouse at a time to avoid confusion. Once the first warehouse is set up, we’ll schedule a training call with you to walk through your account & answer any questions you have. After orders are flowing through HubLogix, we may schedule a second call to address any questions you may have regarding the order process.

4) Setup Remaining Warehouses. Once you’re comfortable with the flow within HubLogix, we can schedule the set up of additional warehouses. This process goes by much quicker since you’ll be familiar with the information we’re asking. As a reminder, each warehouse will be handled under a unique email thread with a subject line specific to that warehouse for organization & clarity on both ends.

During your onboarding, you can always reply with questions to the email chain or generate a new support ticket by emailing support@hublogix.com.

As you can imagine, response times are important. If you know you’ll be unavailable for a period of days, please give us the heads up so that we can manage schedules accordingly.