Order Acknowledgement File

Owned Warehouse Order Acknowledgement File Setup

Order Acknowledgements allow a warehouse to pass back confirmation to HubLogix that they have received an order and/or if there is an error with the order. .

See Vendor Partner Requirements on for high level integration requirements.

Areas for consideration

  1. File Name: Acknowledgments will have a unique file name to keep them separate. The default naming convention used is acknowledgement_mmddyy.csv but can be customized if needed.
  2. File Header: optional and configurable
  3. File Format: HubLogix has a standard format for acknowledgements, but most warehouses have formatting requirements. At a minimum, we’d need the order ID and a clear understanding of what message will be used to define a success and which is used to define an error. If you require a custom format, please provide a sample file with documentation to your Onboarding Coach.
  4. Item Identifier: HubLogix will assume the entire order is confirmed/errored unless the file also includes the specific sku.
  5. Frequency: This is typically done in a daily batch file, but HubLogix checks for updates every 30 minutes. If you provide files more frequently than daily, please make sure the file name remains unique.

Example Order Acknowledgement File

download-file-iconExample Order Acknowledgement File