FTP Partner Setup

HubLogix refers to a warehouse containing customer controlled and managed inventory as an “owned warehouse”. Owned warehouses are how HubLogix customers can easily connect with their vendor partners. We use the owned warehouse for connecting with vendors using FTP of SFTP protocols. This documentation sets forth the purposes for which this warehouse can be used and implemented with our platform.

Common Use Cases

The following sets for the primary use cases that are supportable using HubLogix owned warehouse capability.

  • Scenario 1: inventory, orders and tracking are posted to an FTP site hosted by customer or HubLogix
  • Scenario 2: inventory and orders are posted to an FTP site hosted by customer or HubLogix, tracking is collected from FedEx or UPS web services.
  • Scenario 3: inventory is managed in SKUVault, orders and tracking are pushed/pulled from ShipStation.

HubLogix can connect to a SFTP provided it is hosted by a customer or their fulfillment partner.