Inventory File

Owned Warehouse Inventory Setup

See Vendor Partner Requirements for high level integration requirements.

Areas for consideration

  1. Update Frequency: Communicated at least 3 times a day or at most every 30 minutes – including weekends
  2. File Name: HubLogix recommends something like inventory_mmddyy.csv (for daily feeds) or something more specific for more frequent updates.
  3. FTP Cleanup: HubLogix will delete the file off the FTP once it’s downloaded unless instructed otherwise during setup.
  4. File Data: HubLogix will set a minimum product count for a warehouse’s inventory to avoid processing a bad or empty file.
  5. File Format: File should include the follow data points. ** indicates a required field.
  • SKU** (should be unique)
  • Product Name
  • Brand Name**
  • MPN (required if no UPC provided)
  • UPC (required if no MPN provided)
  • Quantity Available
  • Retailer’s Cost
  • MSRP
  • Notes

Example Inventory File

download-file-icon Click to Download