Setting up a Shopify Fulfillment Service

Shopify Fulfillment Service allows retailers to control which products and orders should be integrated with HubLogix. This is only necessary if HubLogix is not managing inventory & orders for entire Shopify Catalog.

If a fulfillment service is entered, then HubLogix will only pull in those products and orders associated to that fulfillment service. If no fulfillment service is entered, then HubLogix will attempt to interact with all of the products in Shopify.

Currently, you can only have 1 fulfillment service per Shopify connection.

To setup the custom fulfillment service

  • In Shopify, go to Settings > Shipping
  • Under Dropshipping & Fulfillment Services, click ‘Manage Services’
  • Add custom fulfillment service
  • Set the title to HubLogix and use whatever you want for the email address (It’s irrelevant to HubLogix. Shopify will notify that email address each time HubLogix┬áreceives an order)

To bulk assign products to a fulfillment service

  • Go to Products > Bulk editing, filter products based on your criteria
  • Set the fulfillment service to HubLogix
  • Fulfillment services are configurable at the variant level